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Jtali performed for a sold out crowd in Scottsdale, AZ at Live Wire. He opened for Tyga during his "Rawest Alive Tour". Jtali rocked the stage and had everyone in the venue screaming his name by the end of the show. Jtali gave a high energy performance and the crowds interaction was unbelievable. It was his first show in Scottsdale and he is looking forward to going back. Jtali ended up getting rid of all of his merch and made his impression on Scottsdale. It was a great experience and the energy in the room that night was outstanding. When Tyga came on to perform the audience was amped up and ready to go thanks to the energy Jtali brought that night. Jtali said" ASU fans are over the top and the girls are all 10s."
Jtali and his producer Ivan Pacheco aka Instigate released a track titled "Free Your Mind" not only did this video air on MTVU but Jtali was nominated for MTVU Freshman for his Music Video "Free Your Mind feat. Instigate".
Jtali said "I remembers the first time I saw Panic at the Disco
on MTVU and I was ecstatic for Brendon Urie who was my 
classmate at Palo Verde. I always wanted to feel that feeling, 
and once I got it, I asked myself whats next?" Jtali is 
releasing his next music video "Do It" from the 
album "Demisexual" in mid September, 2016.
JTALI Performed on Las Vegas Blvd and signed autographs after the show. JTALI said "He loves performing in his city because old friends always show up."

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